The Design Chef Complete Licenses

The Design Chef Complete Licenses

Licensing always seems to be so complicated. That’s why we try our best to make it as simple as possible and easy to understand. Here’s what you can and cannot do with the resources provided under The Design Chef Complete Licenses. Remember everything you bought from The Design chef comes with the complete licenses.

You Can

  • Use it for unlimited personal and commercial projects
  • Use it as part of the end products for sale
  • Use it to create flattened designs for sale
  • Use them in websites, digital products, and social media
  • Use them on printed products (which are subsequently sold)

You Cannot

  • Sell and redistribute it to any third party
  • Sublicense, sell or rent any contents (or a modified version of them)

If you have some special project and it doesn’t cover with our license, feel free to contact us at